Cheese Curds

A convenient, healthy snack for people on the go

What are Cheese Curds & How Are They Made?

Cheese curds are made during the beginning stages of producing cheddar cheese from pasteurized milk. Curds are formed when the whey is separated from the milk solids as the batch is cooked and mixed with a culture and vegetable rennet. Salt is then added as a preservative as well as for flavoring. Cheese curds are best eaten when they are new and fresh, as its shelf life is usually less than 2 weeks. They can be stored at room temperature for several days before they begin to age. If kept in the refrigerator, its fresh, squeaky texture can often be brought back by microwaving them for 10 seconds or less.

In addition to its tasty flavor, people love cheese curds for many other reasons. They can be eaten straight from the bag as a convenient snack or used as a topping on salad, pizza or burgers. Cheese curds are one of the most popular foods to be served deep-fried or beer battered. And they can be made in white or yellow colors, though there's no difference in taste.

Why Do They Squeak When You Eat Them?

Cheese curds are fairly porous, which means they contain tiny pockets of air due to the make up of its casein protein structure. When you bite into the curd with your teeth, those pores rub against the enamel creating a microscopic vibration that sounds like a squeak. This typically happens when the cheese curds are fresh and consumed at room temperatures or slightly warmer. As the curds lose their freshness, they also lose their squeakiness--so get them while they are fresh!

What Are The Health Benefits of Cheese Curds?

Cheese curds are an all natural dairy product that is not processed. They are an excellent source for protein, calcium, selenium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B12. They contain no gluten, no carbohydrates, no sugars, and are Keto-friendly. Research shows that cheese curds also prevent acid demineralization of tooth enamel; they act as a great probiotic to help clear out the digestive system; and they can even help you lose weight (thanks to its conjugated linoleic acid that helps the body burn fat when consumed in moderation) all while strengthening bones and teeth.

Where Can I Order Cheese Curds Online?

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